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Pure Gases & Gas Mixtures

When quality, timing or price cannot be sacrificed, rely on ILMO for your medical oxygen . 

Whether you’re a hospital or clinic who prides yourself on unparalleled patient care, or a medical laboratory striving for exact, accurate test responses, you require a continuous supply of pure gas and gas mixtures during all of your critical situations. At ILMO, we know what pure gas or gas mixtures your facility needs and are able to quickly satisfy those needs with the highest quality products―often four times quicker than the national services that drive hours to get to you.

We have decades of experience providing the medical industry with carbon dioxide, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, oxygen, and medical (breathing) air, as well as analyzed medical gases for blood gas mixtures, lung diffusion mixtures, anaerobic and aerobic mixtures, heliox mixtures, and custom medical drug mixtures. ILMO’s ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited Gas Laboratory analyzes and certifies all critical blends in-house, guaranteeing that your gas is exactly what we say it is.

And not only do we provide the pure gas you need to successfully treat patients, we also offer fair pricing and up front contract terms designed to simplify your job. Whether you’re a veteran in the medical gas field or you’re looking for expert guidance in a gas or medical gas system project, you can expect a true partnership when you choose ILMO as your medical gas supplier.