Food Processing

If high quality, safe and traceable food is your goal, rely on the experts at ILMO for guidance and the best gas for food processing. 

ILMO understands your critical need for accuracy, control, safety, and support in all of your food and beverage processing and packaging because we’ve been working alongside your industry for decades. We realize that your needs are diverse, but equally required for your success. So whether you’re focused on inventory controls, scheduling, food laboratory safety, and traceability, or product consistency in color, freshness, or shelf life (or all of the above), turn to ILMO for all gas for food processing.

Need the freeze without the burn? Let our cryogenic products deliver temperature control that is exact and predictable. Our gases for food processing are available in a variety of cylinders with pressure that is customized to your needs. We’ll work with you to improve or create custom procedures for each of your gas processes, and, where needed, help you integrate your gas into a MAP system.

ILMO is actively supporting the food and beverage processing industry and are eager to apply our gas knowledge to your new or established process.