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Agricultural Propane

Propane Promotes Agribusiness Success 

Propane has what it takes to keep your farm working smoothly and efficiently. And ILMO has the experience to immediately deliver that propane—in cylinders, micro-bulk or bulk—the moment you need it.:

Look to us when planning for:

  • Crop drying
  • Heating buildings, greenhouses, poultry and hog brood houses, and other areas
  • Fuel for tractors, generators, pumps, and other farm vehicles
  • Insect control, weed control, frost protection, and irrigation
  • Cutting and welding including Chemtane

Grow Profits with ILMO Propane 

For generations, ILMO has attracted farmers with high quality welding and cutting gases, reliable equipment and in-house repairs, and extensive welding knowledge. Now, we’re expanding with our professionally-operated propane division to provide you with affordable propane and responsive delivery that enables you to boost productivity and protect your crops. Our unparalleled, honest customer service and upfront contract terms will continue to be the best in the industry, making it. possible to predict energy costs for smart, profitable planning.

Ready to make the switch? Contact us now for great pricing and easy, immediate delivery.