Leak Detection

Rely on ILMO for gas for vital leak detection processes designed to ensure safety while avoiding costly maintenance of production shutdowns. 

Leaks can have a substantial impact on the performance, safety, and reliability of your product. They have the potential to transform from a simple leak into a severe, even fatal, safety concern that can require expensive maintenance and cause costly shutdowns, thereby disintegrating customer trust.

So, how do you make sure your equipment or the products you manufacture are vacuum or pressure tight? If you’re responsible for detecting the invisible and knowing precisely where a flaw is located before you can even see it (and before it potentially causes severe harm), we’re glad you’re here. ILMO has helped many companies like yours ensure the air-tight integrity of their products by testing their seal with various pure gas solutions for leak detection.

For many of our industrial process customers, an efficient testing and assurance solution uses helium or argon in conjunction with a leak detector and standard pressure measurement instrument such as a mass spectrometer.

Let us help you find the right leak detection gas to test your container, tank, tire, or whatever it is you’re need to be air-tight.