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What Makes Us Different?

ILMO Specialty Gases’ gas laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited, an international accreditation for both testing and calibration of compressed gas mixtures held by only a few laboratories in the United States. What’s the value of an ISO-accredited lab to you? Answer: regardless of your application, our gases are what we say they are. It’s guaranteed. Our lab has been thoroughly inspected, certified, and documented to be compliant with FDA, DOT, OSHA, and EPA requirements, so your custom gas mix’s purity is maximized and accuracy is exact.

When interviewing multiple specialty gas labs, it can be difficult to distinguish between basic and critical services and standards. Here’s how ILMO stacks up:

  • ISO 17025 vs. ISO 9001
    • Where ISO 9001 is a registration of compliance with best practices in general manufacturing operations, an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation is awarded for testing and calibration compliance specific to gas laboratory operations. ILMO is just of a handful of companies with this key distinction in the Midwest and nationally.
  •  Service area
    • When your applications require large-volume gas use, you’ll need a gas distributor with a branch within 100 miles or so as steel cylinders, micro-bulk canisters, or bulk tanks will need to be serviced by the supplier. ILMO’s ground service area includes Illinois and Missouri for large volume gas users. Uniquely, ILMO is an owner/member of Purity PlusTM Specialty Gases, a co-op of specialty gas distributors that work together for customers like you who need a reliable, high-quality product available in multiple locations and for national accounts.
    • MOBILITY: ILMO can ship high and ultra-high purity gases right to your door no matter where you’re located! Using a variety of disposable or refillable cylinder sizes and volumes, we can provide you with portable, reliable calibration gas in a cost-effective cylinder, eliminating return shipping fees and cylinder rent.
  • Accurate, Reliable Gas Mixtures
    • All gases are NIST weight traceable
    • All master blends are analyzed 100%
    • Certificate of Analysis available upon request
    • All gas mixtures are produces with prevision gravimetrics
    • Lot analysis on trans-filled cylinders
    • Variety of gas grades, including HP/Pre-purified grade, UHP, Hydrocarbon-free, / Zero grade, Research grade, CEM, VEZ, VOC, and MAP.
    • Member of Purity Plus Quality Control Program
  • Gas Handling Equipment
    • We can stock your lab with all of the equipment you’ll need. We can provide custom installation services for your manifolds, switchover systems, monitors, and gas detection systems. We also sell a full line of regulators (general purpose, high purity, high pressure, high flow, line, lecture bottle, miniature, and corrosive), flowmeters, purifiers and filters, purge assemblies, valves, and bio-medical and cryogenic equipment.
  • Maximum Safety Measures
    • All cylinders are pressure-checked
    • All cylinders lots are traceable by laboratory database

Verify our accreditation by visiting Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc.   

Our lab has much of the same equipment that yours has, guaranteeing that your gas meets your instrument or environment specifications. Still, with our roots in industrial and medical gases throughout Illinois and Missouri, we remain committed to delivering personal and professional customer service wherever you are located, and that can’t always be found in larger, corporate gas companies.