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Gas System & Installations for Medical

Our bulk medical gas systems streamline delivery in physician, dental and veterinarian offices.

If your practice utilizes medical gas in everyday procedures, installing a medical gas system for streamlined delivery might be the right move. Even in small practices, bulk and micro-bulk medical gas systems keep bulky equipment out of sight and out of the way.

Whether you’re moving into new medical offices or are ready to upgrade to a complete delivery system, you can rely on the professionals at ILMO. Our experienced staff can safely design, install and maintain gas delivery systems to ensure you have the gas you need on hand at a moments notice. Since we understand that proper installation of the appropriate system is critical to ensure the safety of patients and personnel, we painstakingly review every step of the design and installation process. Our local experts manage the project so you can manage your patients.

Best of all, because we devote so much time and attention to quality and safety, you get all the benefits without any of the worry. Experience the simplicity of working with us.