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Gas System & Installations for Medical

Streamline the delivery of medical gas with a system installation that’s affordable and reliable. 

For some nursing homes, piping in medical gas is a smart move. With a sizeable enough population, installation of a bulk medical gas system can streamline gas delivery and processes, and for smaller facilities, microbulk might be more efficient.

At ILMO, our team has the experience to safely design, install, and maintain a sophisticated gas delivery system of any size to ensure you have the gas you need on hand at a moments notice. And since we understand that proper installation of the appropriate system is critical to ensure the safety of patients and personnel, we painstakingly review every step of the medical gas installation and design process.

Whether you’re in the midst of new construction, remodeling, or simply updating your gas system, we can help. Best of all, because we devote so much time and attention to quality and safety, you get all the benefits without any of the worry.

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