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Device/Instrumentation Gases & Mixtures in Disposable Cylinders

We provide the gas mixtures you need for the disposable cylinders that simplify your life.

Advances in cylinder technology and shipping standards have made disposable calibration gas cylinders an excellent option for gas users who don’t want to be limited to selecting gas suppliers based on locale. Now, by using disposable cylinders for your calibration gases you can choose your gas supplier based on their technical qualifications, quality of service, and supply capabilities, and that freedom has lead a growing number of manufacturing and laboratory professionals to choose ILMO.

Why choose ILMO as your gas supplier?

  • ILMO’s ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited gas laboratory will ensure proper analysis of every specialty gas you receive using industry-leading testing equipment and proven ISO methodologies
  • No cylinder deposits or rent on disposable cylinders
  • Small cylinders allow for easy handling and storage options and low shipping costs
  • Reduce waste from ordering more than is needed when limited to larger cylinders