Medical Van Filling

Health care conversations are popping up everywhere―whether it’s in line at the checkout, over a break at the office, or discussing options with family and friends. We know you’re hearing it from your customers, too. At ILMO, we understand how critical it is for us to distribute oxygen as efficiently as possible to you so you can keep your end users’ costs as low as possible. 

To do this, nearly all ILMO facilities offer medical van filling. Our process is simple: you pull up to our system, a trained and certified ILMO technician fills your van or truck from our liquid oxygen bulk tank, and your driver is quickly on his or her way to deliver this vital medical gas to your patients. We offer convenient filling hours so your drivers can avoid daunting lines and increase your route efficiency and delivery flexibility.

We will work with you to customize a plan that fits your business’ needs, just like we have for hundreds of our other medical gas customers. Let us help reduce your filling headaches while saving you time and money that you can use to better serve your customers.