Get Cash Back for Propane Appliances with ILMO Propane!

You wouldn’t burn money in your furnace…but you can get back some of what you put in to a new one!

cash back

On behalf of an incentive program established by the Illinois Propane Gas Association, ILMO Propane will reimburse you and any consumer for installing an approved energy-efficient propane appliance. You don’t even have to be an ILMO Propane customer!

This program establishes an incentive for new energy-efficient propane appliances to be safely installed. Eligible new propane appliances will replace some existing electric, fuel oil, natural gas, or propane appliances with NEW propane appliances, listed below. Installations can be made in new home construction, in new manufactured homes, or homes upgrading their propane appliances.

The program as used through ILMO Propane will reimburse you for safe installation of approved energy-efficient propane appliances in the amounts listed below:

– Water Heater – Standard – $100.00
– Vented Residential Garage Heater – $200.00
– Water Heater – Power Vent/TTW/Tankless – $250.00
– Direct Vent or B – Vented Fireplace Unit – $250.00
– Central Heating Ducted Furnace/Boiler – $350.00

To get started on your reimbursement:

  • Click here to visit ILMO Propane’s Website
  • Submit a quick form to ILMO
  • An ILMO Propane representative will follow up with you shortly to answer any questions and get the process started for you to receive Cash Back!
  • Don’t forget to share this link with your friends and family!

Propane water heaters, vented fireplaces, and furnaces cost 1/3 less to operate than electric ones. Now, we’re sweetening the deal even more! Visit today!

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