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Safety & SDS Online Library

Safety Tips & Information related to gases and gas use

OSHA: Controlling Hazardous Fume and Gases during Welding


Specialty Gas Users

Purity Plus Online Catalog

Medical & Health Care Gases

Coming soon.

All things Welding, Cutting & Plasma!

Charts and technical information useful in welding

Oxyfuel Cutting
Parameters for Oxyfuel Cutting
Gas Welding Charts

MIG Welding
Shielding Gases for GMAW
GMA Welding Parameters – Stainless Steel
Solid Wires for GMAW of Carbon Steel
MIG Welding Charts

TIG Welding
Tungsten Electrodes for GTAW — Selection Guide
Filler Alloys for Welding Wrought Aluminum Alloys
Current Ranges for Tungsten Electrodes
Filler Metals for Welding Dissimilar Steels
TIG Welding Charts

Stick Welding
Covered Electrodes for SMAW of Carbon Steel
Amperages for Electrodes by Type and Diameter
Stick Welding Charts

Miscellaneous Welding
Decimal/Wire Gauge/Metric Equivalents
Recommended Guide for Shade Numbers
Recommended Sizes for Copper Welding Cable
Miscellaneous Welding Charts

Welding Equipment & Accessories Catalogs 


Customer Highlights

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Helpful Vendor & Partner Resources

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Welding Students

Congratulations on your decision to learn how to weld! Whether you’re gaining welding skills to start a lucrative career, developing your welding knowledge to become an expert, or just learning for fun, we are here to help!

Below are a few resources you might find helpful. However, ILMO’s best resources are our employees. Visit your local ILMO store today and talk with one of our experienced welding associates for help with questions on welding applications, equipment and accessory choices, best practices, and more.

  • Hypertherm’s first purchase rebate for welding program students, offering up to $500 worth of Visa gift cards to help you purchase your start up equipment and supplies. Click here for details and an application.
  • For help with basics, terms, positions, and interesting welding info, check out

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