A Breath of Fresh Air for Home Health Respiratory Companies and Oxygen Patients in Peoria

PEORIA, IL – Health care conversations are popping up everywhere, whether it’s in line at the checkout, over a break at the office, or discussing options with family and friends. And with no exception, the topic has made its way to the liquid oxygen van-filling station at ILMO Products Company in Peoria.
“We’re hearing that reimbursement rates for respiratory oxygen are constantly being tightened,” says Jeff Elliott, ILMO District Sales Manager in Greater Peoria. “This makes it critical for us to distribute oxygen more efficiently to our home healthcare customers so they keep their medical end-users’ costs as low as possible. These users are oxygen patients at home, in medical facilities, in nursing homes, and elsewhere.”

So, where does ILMO, an atmospheric gas company, fit in? Local Homecare Respiratory Care (HRC) providers can now drive right up to ILMO’s facility (1025 W. Olympia, Peoria), where a technician will fill their van or truck from a liquid oxygen bulk tank so they are quickly on their way to deliver this vital medical gas to their patients. With convenient filling hours, these drivers can often avoid daunting lines, increasing their route efficiency and delivery flexibility.

ILMO’s liquid oxygen bulk tank in Peoria.

Before teaming with ILMO for their liquid oxygen, local HRC provider American HomePatient was paying costly rent each month to house and maintain their own bulk tank, fees for oxygen to be delivered to fill their tank, more fees for the oxygen inventory they had on hand, and time and energy completing necessary FDA paperwork and testing. “We’ve taken all of these expenses and personnel-draining tasks off of their plate and have created a cost-savings relationship with them,“ boasts Elliott. “We are saving them money, time, and headaches, and it’s great knowing that our added efficiencies positively impact the end oxygen users, too.”

(Top) An ILMO Technician, trained to FDA Guidelines, fills an AHP oxygen delivery truck. (Bottom) AHP oxygen truck arrives for an oxygen fill at ILMO on W. Olympia.

American HomePatient (AHP) is a nationally accredited respiratory company with over 25 years providing patients with respiratory services via in-home delivery and 24/7 on-call service. “We focus on proactive patient care and therefore, provide liquid oxygen because it is a preferred choice by area physicians and rehab centers,” states Ginger Gray, AHP Branch Manager in Peoria. “With Medicare cutbacks, many oxygen companies have been unable to continue providing liquid oxygen service. We are thankful that ILMO is here to support our operations, allowing us to continue to provide this type of oxygen to our patients.”

ILMO Products Company specializes in atmospheric gases and their many applications. They provide compressed gas, pure gas, specialty gases, and gas mixtures in bulk, microbulk, cylinder, and reusable cylinder solutions, alongside welding equipment and accessories at 9 branches. Their focus is working with industrial and welding markets, the medical industry, corporate and university laboratories, and EPA-regulated facilities throughout Illinois and Missouri, while expanding the Specialty Gas division internationally. Visit their website for contacts and more information about medical gases and services available in your area: www.ilmoproducts.com.

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